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This works, which we will try to promote, accept the development of discussions between nahivists and logicists as a fundamental reference source between the cisafi and mettam. This works consists of three basic parts and results input. In the Müellif ‘Introduction’ section, the purpose of working on this issue is… Continue reading

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Because it is the perpetrator and active in terms of the fact that the verb is, it is like munfail (edi). The body is not only the perpetrator; It is heard that is not sensuous with his body; is to be streamed but itself cannot be streamed. Therefore, there is… Continue reading

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Excessive unequal income distribution was also the same in terms of taxes. While the occupant classes do not pay almost any tax, the direct taxes were the most important source of income. The regime in most Iraqi’s eyes was a puppet of the West. This evaluation was clearly confirmed when… Continue reading

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The illet should be a character of Zahir, ie should be able to be grasped with external senses and be convenient to the proof of something. For example; Need to be found and the order of the wedding to be constant. If something is something, it should be something that… Continue reading

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.. 66 Graphics-9: Ratio of individual loans to special final consumption expenditures … 69 Graphics-10: 2006-2010 Bore to Financial Cutting of Household … 70 Graphics-11: 2005-2010 percentage of household obligations … 71 Graphics -12: Maturity distribution of individual loans used (%) … 72 Graphics-13: Deposit Banks K. Card balances to… Continue reading

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“3. 4. 16. The result is not possible to achieve a definite objectivity even if all these rules are complied with. The journalist transfers they can see alone, they can hear. But these are always limited. Nevertheless it will provide a certain level of news not to ignore the above… Continue reading